About us

With more than 250 stores and growing, Ozone Smoke™ is a nationally recognized brand name as an electronic cigarette (e-cig) and personal vaporizers manufacturer and distributor. We’re passionate about active tobacco free lifestyles and it goes way beyond the products we offer. At Ozone Smoke™, helping our customers stay tobacco free is a way of life. We don’t believe your past actions define you, only your ambition and desire for wholeness...today.


Who we are

Ozone Smoke™ is the leader in revolutionizing the electronic cigarette market, using innovative technology to duplicate the feel, taste and experience of smoking a traditional cigarette. Ozone Smoke™ is the most ideal alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes available to consumers today.

Our Goals

Ozone Smoke™ sets itself aside from the rest, as we were inspired by a vision to eliminate the unacceptable consequences of smoking with the intent to preserve the enjoyment and sense of satisfaction of a traditional cigarette. One puff of an Ozone Smoke™ Electronic Cigarette will not only satisfy your craving for nicotine, but provide you with a smoking sensation that can be used in most "no-smoking" zones. There is no tar, ash, cigarette butts, or offensive odors on clothing or breath. We have endeavored to create a more convenient lifestyle, where the people around you won't mind you enjoying a smoke.

Our Technology

We, at Ozone Smoke™, employ the most knowledgeable engineers, scientists and medical professionals to create the finest electronic cigarette you'll ever enjoy. Stringent quality control ensures reliability and a fresh alternative to tobacco, while our customer service and warranty are second to none. Ozone Smoke™ Electronic Cigarette consists of only 2 parts, which is simple and easy to use; no maintenance required other than charging your battery.

Our Promise

If you have tried electronic smoking before and were left unfulfilled, you haven't tried Ozone Smoke™. Smokers who have tried other brands of electronic cigarettes are our most satisfied clients.

We stand behind our product and we'll guarantee you'll be satisfied, or your money back (within 30 days of purchase). Try Ozone Smoke™ today and experience the benefits of our electronic cigarette risk-free.

Our Vision

We are commited to pursuing a better tomorrow

At Ozone Smoke™, it was our vision to create an electronic cigarette that would lead to a better, more convenient lifestyle for our clients. We truly understand the real needs of smokers. It was our goal to enhance electronic smoking and create an e-cigarette that would fit all smokers - offering a variety of flavors and nicotine strengths that can be tailored to your special tastes. Our clients can enjoy the pleasure associated with smoking but without tar, ashes, butts, foul cigarette odors, or smoking sections.

We're glad to offer significat cost savings

We want our clients to benefit from the savings of using our electronic cigarettes; a fraction of the cost of traditional cigarettes ($2.50 or less per cartridge). OzoneSmoke™ cartridges always have a fresh, crisp taste, produce full bodied vapor, and lasts up to 400 puffs. Once you switch to OzoneSmoke™ Electronic Cigarettes, you'll be able to enjoy smoking without worrying about state and local tobacco tax increases.

We're about the environment - our name is the testiment 

Another significant benefit achieved by OzoneSmoke™ is that our electronic cigarettes are environmentally friendly. OzoneSmoke™ does not harm the ozone layer by releasing carbon monoxide into the atmosphere and there are no cigarette butts or ashes to dispose of. Nationally, cigarette butts account for more than one-quarter of litter tossed onto streets and roadways, and 4.5 trillion worldwide annually. By using OzoneSmoke™, you will be helping to protect our environment from harmful toxins.

We're always thinking of you first 

We want to thank all of our distributors across the world and all of the people who are using our products. We are grateful that we can make a difference for the better, help improve the lifestyles and habits of millions of people and protect our environment. 

At OzoneSmoke™, we have you in mind and will continue to ensure your enjoyment with every new innovation.


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