Ozone Smoke™ Electronic Cigarette

The Basics

If you are just starting your research on electronic cigarettes, you are probably looking all over the Internet to find out what an electronic cigarette really is. We're glad you came to our website to find the answer. Our goal is to make it simple for you - an electronic cigarette is a revolutionary device, a new means of enjoying smoking, which prevails over traditional cigarette in many ways. An Ozone Smoke™ Electronic Cigarette is a superior quality 2-part device that resembles a traditional cigarette in its appearance, while the process of smoking stays the same. Instead of inhaling real smoke along with over 4000 chemicals, our electronic cigarette consistently produces rich vapor with every puff.

The Benefits

Ozone Smoke™ Electronic Cigarette offers an ideal alternative to traditional cigarette smoking, without exposing you to tar, thousands of chemicals and second-hand smoke. There is no risk of catching fire, no more yellow teeth, burn holes, smelly hair and clothes - and no more smoking bans as you can smoke in most public places. Ozone Smoke™ Electronic Cigarette is by far one of the top products on the market. Following the latest technological advances, we created an electronic cigarette that provides our customers with the most convenient way to enjoy their smoking.


While the industry standard is around 150 - 200 puffs, Ozone Smoke™ Cartridges and batteries are engineered to last up to 400 puffs.

Our cartridges are disposable, so there is no need to mess with refilling them yourself or carry any extra parts (i.e. atomizers or smoke juice).

With a fresh atomizer in every cartridge, you can switch flavors on the fly without worrying about the after taste lingering on the atomizer from the previous flavor.

Depending on your smoking habit, carrying one fully charged Ozone Smoke™ Electronic Cigarette can last you a day, an entire weekend, or more than a week.

Environmental Impact

Our electronic cigarettes are environmentally friendly as they do not harm the ozone layer by creating carbon monoxide and there are no cigarette butts or ashes to dispose of. By using Ozone Smoke™, you will be helping to protect our environment from harmful toxins.

Your Satisfaction

We strive to provide a more fun and pleasurable smoking experience for our clients over what ordinary tobacco companies can give you by offering various flavors and strength of nicotine cartridges. We are one of the few companies that have a large selection of natural-tasting flavors for you to choose from: Tobacco, Blueberry, Cherry, Coffee, Energy, Green Apple, Menthol, Peach, Strawberry, Vanilla - All available in four different strength (including zero nicotine). Now, you can enjoy a flavored cigarette of your choice, while experiencing the authentic effects of a traditional cigarette.

We, as a company, relate to our clients' concerns by constantly improving our products and providing the most pleasurable and sensational ways for you to enjoy electronic smoking.

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