Leaf Buddi UI: Vaporizer Instructions and Troubleshooting

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About Leaf Buddi UI

  • Design: portable mini unique ergonomic design (push button to activate)
  • Features:
    • Convenient and effortless to use
    • Great battery life
    • Variable voltage (VV)
    • 4 voltage settings
    • Preheat function
    • Fits perfectly in your hand
  • Dimensions: 92mm x 43mm x 20mm
  • Weight: 65g (grams)
  • Heating chamber diameter: 11mm
  • Thread: 510 thread compatible
  • Material: lightweight aluminum alloy and PVC
  • Battery: internal long-lasting 650mAh battery (built-in)
  • Puffs per full charge: 400 - 500 puffs
  • Battery voltage: 2.7V – 4.2V (at full charge)
  • 4 level variable voltages: 2.7V - 3.3V - 3.7V - 4.1V (3 clicks to change voltage setting)
  • Preheat functionality
  • Charge port: Micro-USB cable
  • Charge time: 30 - 60 minutes
  • Easy operation: push button to activate
  • LED battery life indicator
  • Safety Features:
    • Low voltage protection
    • Short circuit protection
    • Battery protections indicators: low voltage - 5 consecutive blinks (needs to recharge)
  • Available Colors: Black; White; Purple; Red; Blue; and Green

Using Your Leaf Buddi UI Vaporizer

How to use the UI mod, come to share the video ... • leafbuddi.team
  1. Make sure your vaporizer battery is charged (see section below on charging your battery).
  2. Screw the cartridge onto the heating chamber of the vaporizer.
  3. To turn your battery ON / OFF, click the operation button 5 times rapidly, located at the top of the vaporizer (you should see the LED indicator at the top of the screen blink a couple of times, when it’s ON or OFF).
  4. Press the operation button rapidly 3 times to change the power (Variable Voltage) settings. You will see the LED indicator light change color depending on the power setting you desire. (As you are firing, indicator LED will light up that particular color and voltage setting to let you know what power setting you’re on).
  5. 4 Variable Voltage Settings: Green (2.7V), White (3.3V), Blue (3.7V), Red (4.2V).
  6. To use the Preheat function, simply hit the button 2 times rapidly, the LED indicator will light up and start preheating the coil for you. (Once it finished Preheating the LED light will turn off, meaning Preheating is complete and you are ready to go).
  7. Hold down the operation button and inhale.

Charging Your Vaporizer Battery

Micro-USB cable
  1. Plug the Micro USB charger cable into Vaporizer box mod, located at the bottom of the device. (Please note it’s best to turn the vaporizer OFF by clicking 5 times rapidly on the operation button).
  2. Insert the USB cable into your computer or any USB charging device. The LED indicator light on the vaporizer will glow RED while it is charging and turn off once the charging is complete.
  3. Once the LED light turns off and battery is fully charged, unplug the Micro USB cable from the vaporizer. Battery is now charged and you are ready to vape away.


  1. Always make sure your Leaf Buddi UI vaporizer is charged and turned ON.
    1. If you are pressing the top operation button and nothing is happening, please make sure the device is turned ON by pressing the button 5 rapidly.
    2. If the LED button starts blinking 5 or more times, when you are trying to use the device, this means that the battery is out of power and needs to be recharged.
  2. If you are trying to vape and the battery seem to be working but no vapor is coming out of the cartridge, try unscrewing the cartridge and screwing in back on again (to ensure that there is a contact between the connector and cartridge).
    1. Make sure the connecting surfaces on both the vaporizer chamber and cartridge are clean and free from debris. (There needs to be a solid connection between the metal part of the cartridge and metal part in the battery chamber so they can conduct an electrical charge).
    2. If the problem persists it means that you are not getting a connection between vaporizer and cartridge or it could either be a faulty cartridge or there is a problem with your vaporizer battery (faulty vaporizer).
    3. Although, it is not common but some 510 cartridges are poorly made and are non standard dimensions, where the connecting end of the cartridge does not reach the metal of the heating chamber, therefore there is no connection between the device and cartridge. In this case you will want to purchase a good quality 510 thread cartridge and use it instead.
  3. Other issues may indicate you have a faulty cartridge or a faulty vaporizer battery. At this point you should contact the manufacturer directly or simply purchase a new device.
    1. If possible, you may also want to test your cartridge on another device to make sure it is not causing the issue.

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